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A Child’s Love

On Thanksgiving evening this year, my older daughter and I braved the stores with no purpose other than to have some mother-daughter time. We didn’t expect to find any super great deals...and we didn’t...but I did find something else.

Now, I have wanted one of those silly Elves on the Shelves for years...I think they are so cute, and funny...and what a neat way to just be silly with your kids over a fun activity. Our Christmas season starts with Advent and we enjoy a full month of celebrating Christ and what He has done for us...with lots of fun little traditions mixed in as well. So this year, I finally decided I would get one.

Except...the price. Whoops. Ouch. When I saw it, I knew I couldn’t justify it.

”Nevermind,” I laughed, making light of it as we left him on the shelf at the store. I didn’t want to let my thirteen year old know I was disappointed...but if I bought it, I wouldn’t be able to get her what I really wanted to get her for Christmas. She loves sewing, and I want to get her a pattern and material to make her very first “patterned” piece.

”Maybe you can just make me one,” I joked, knowing how much she loves to make things.

When she actually presented me with this...two days later...I was brought to tears. She knew I wasn’t really joking. She knew I was disappointed. And she didn’t need a pattern...she made me this with her own special talent and her own huge heart. It even has wire in the arms and legs so I can pose her...she truly wanted to make me just what I wanted.

My Elf on the Shelf, made by Elizabeth (age 13)

This is just pure love - something so simple, yet so grand.

I am so thankful for my children...such a wonderful gift from God. And I am so thankful for HIS Son...the greatest gift of all!

Linda LaVallie

Director, Rachel's Hope

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