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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are you located? What are your hours of operation, and how can you be contacted outside of operating hours?

We are located at 808 W Oakland Ave in Austin, MN.

We are open Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9-4.

We can be contacted at 507-437-7595 during business hours. Outside of business hours, we can be found on facebook @ Rachel Hope, and will respond as soon as possible, or by email at rachelshope1@rachelshope-mn.org

2. What area(s) do you service? Are there any age or financial restrictions?

We are located in Austin and serve Austin and the surrounding communities. We have several clients that come from other counties for our services (such as Freeborn.) We have no restrictions regarding location - if you are interested in our services and can attend, you are welcome to come!

We serve women (and men) of all ages and backgrounds, regardless of financial status. If you are pregnant, or have a child that is under the age of two and a half, you qualify for our program. In fact, we have several fathers who are currently participating!

3. What do I need to bring?

Nothing - just yourself, your spouse if they would also like to attend, and your children (although you are not required to bring them with you - we do understand that the weather can be unpleasant or that sometimes it is nice to have an hour away!)

We do not require proof of income. We feel that all people, regardless of their financial status, can benefit from the peer counseling and education we provide. All services are provided free of charge.

4. What languages do you provide?

We have interpreters available for Spanish, French, Karen, Karenni, and Burmese. When an interpreter for another language is needed, we always do our best to try and find someone so that we can provide the same education and experience to everyone!

5. Are you a non-profit?

We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. The majority of our financial support comes from area churches (throughout southeastern Minnesota) and private donors from not just Minnesota, but all around the United States. We do receive a few grants from area foundations: The Hormel Foundations provides a grant to help us cover part of the cost of our interpreters, The Austin Area Foundation and Freeborn-Mower Round Up both provide grants to help with baby supplies, and Walmart has provided grants to help with baby supplies and new technology to use with our clients.

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