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2019 was an unprecedented year for Rachel's Hope.

For many years, we've averaged seeing and helping between 60-80 families each month. We've historically been open just two days a week, and that has been enough to see everyone who was seeking assistance.

As 2019 progressed, however - we knew big things were coming. We KNEW change was happening - because we were averaging 2-3 new clients EVERY WEEK. By June, our two-day-a-week schedule was full, each and every month - with no room for new clients. At the same time, we lost a few of our dedicated volunteers to family and health while the clients kept coming, we had neither the room NOR the staff to meet with some of them.

God ALWAYS provides, however. We had to make a decision - do we space our appointments out, so people only come once every other month? No - the real need is there for assistance every month. Do we cut the appointment times in half? No - if we did that, the clients would miss the support, the counseling, and the education - they would only have time to receive the physical goods (diapers, clothing, etc) and no more. Do we stop taking walk-ins? No - because our walk-ins are the reason we are here. They are sometimes the ones facing a decision of life or death for their baby - and they ALWAYS have a place on our schedule.

The answer? Open another day. We didn't have the staff to cover it, but the moment we made that decision - God SENT the staff. We added two new volunteers the same week we made the decision to move forward with an extra day - and that day is already full.

We are still growing. We added 110 NEW clients last year. We saw a total of 182 clients in all, last year - many of whom have been participating in our programming for years. And that's what we love - to have that continuity with our families. To be a part of their journey, to watch the children grow, and to help however we can along the way.

We STILL have a need. We need at least two volunteers RIGHT NOW, to help us meet the needs of our clients. And if we continue growing at the same rate we have been - it won't be but a few short months before we will need two more and will have to expand our schedule yet again.

What a glorious "problem" to have. We are blessed.

If you feel moved to be a part of this change - please let us know. I may be biased - but it's a wonderful place to volunteer. Our staff of volunteers are AMAZING women, and I am honored to serve alongside them each and every day. The difference you make in the lives of our families is REAL. It's not just a blessing for them - it's a blessing for us. It can be a blessing for YOU.

We are grateful for all of you.

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