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Hope in the Time of Covid-19

"Are you still accepting donations?"

I have had that phone call at least twenty times in the last few weeks.

"So many places are no longer accepting donations."

I've heard that many times, now.

And it's sad - that we are now living in fear. Fear of accepting help - fear of GIVING help - when people need that help now more than ever.

Our mission has not changed - and the need has not changed. People still need hope and encouragement. People still need someone that will listen - someone to understand that EVERY situation is unique. We are all burdened by this situation.

The reality is, though, that every day we are here serving our community at Rachel's Hope, we are confronted with fear, with doubt, with need...that's why we are here. We are here to assure people that there is no need to fear - that we have security in Christ. There is no doubt - His plans for us are bigger than our own, even when we don't understand them as quickly as we want to. And there is no need that cannot be filled - by Christ alone. Through Christ, we - his servants - serve to fill those other needs, and here at Rachel's Hope, that often comes in the form of diapers, toiletries, clothing, food -real, physical goods.

So to answer that question - yes, we are still taking donations.

We have protocols in place to protect our staff. All donations are quarantined for an appropriate period of time before our volunteers take the time to sort them. This is also a great opportunity for me to give a HUGE thank you to the ladies who undertake that job - it's a huge job. You often don't see those volunteers - they work behind the scenes - but this would be an impossible mission without them.

We have protocols in place to protect our clients, as well. We are making every effort to maintain a sterile environment and protect everyone involved while still providing necessities to those in need.

I've also had many people ask what they can do to help me. Well - pray. Send me a message on facebook, if you have time. It's getting a little lonely around here. Where this office is usually bustling with life - up to ten volunteers at a time, donors and board members in and out, and twelve families (plus kids!) a day, this place can be like Grand Central Station. Right now, though - it's just me. Meeting our clients at the door to hand off their goods they have ordered over the phone. It's too quiet...never again will I complain about a hectic day, believe me. For all that noise and activity - it means life, and I will never again take that for granted.

Please continue to support Rachel's Hope, if you are able - we are still serving families in need throughout our community, and again - the need hasn't changed. We can't do this without the help of our community.

Thank you for all your love, your support, and your prayers during this time. God bless.

-Linda LaVallie, Director

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