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Rachel's Hope is a Caring Pregnancy Center, serving pregnant women and families with children through age two with free pregnancy testing, education, a variety of programming, and emotional, physical, and spiritual support.
If you are pregnant or have a young child at home, please consider scheduling an appointment with us.  There are many ways we can offer support to you and your family, and we offer many different programs, activities, and classes to meet your needs.

Partner Agency of United Way Mower County


Pregnancy Testing

We offer confidential pregnancy testing here in our office at no cost to you.


We offer evidence-based education to families from pregnancy through early childhood, covering a wide variety of topics.


We have a dedicated staff of advocates that will meet with you throughout your pregnancy and early childhood stages, encouraging and supporting you every step of the way.

Abortion Alternatives

We offer up-to-date, accurate information on compassionate alternatives to abortion.  We do not provide or refer for abortion.

Physical Support

Through our Parenting with Purpose program, we offer assistance with personal hygiene items, diapers, toiletries, formula, clothing, baby gear, and much more.

Spiritual Support

We are a faith-based caring pregnancy center, offering support to people of all races and religions, with an emphasis on the sanctity of life and a passion for the Gospel.

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