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We specialize in pregnancy testing, education, alternatives to abortion, emotional support, physical support, spiritual support, peer counseling, and more.  We currently offer two programming options:


Our Positive Alternatives program, partially funded by the Minnesota Department of Health, provides pregnancy, parenting, and family support and services.  This program supports healthy pregnancy and parenting outcomes through the provision of services such as case management, referrals for prenatal care and other health-related services, education, and multiple sources of support that focus on long-term solutions to self-sufficiency including helping to achieve education and employment goals.  Some of the items you can receive through this program are feminine hygiene products, toiletries for baby, diapers, formula, clothing, and various other baby items.  This program also assists with transportation to and from your Positive Alternatives appointments, if needed.


Our Earn While You Learn program continues on to age two.  In this program, our clients continue to receive the same education and support they've received with Positive Alternatives, but this program is funded by private donations.  

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